Overnight camps

Night camps offer children the opportunity to connect with nature in a deeper way. Staying in natural environments, children come face to face with natural elements, learn about the plant and animal world, develop a love for nature and an understanding of the ecosystem. They are separated from their parents and gain the opportunity to take responsibility for themselves and their activities. Children learn to take care of themselves, make decisions and solve problems, which contributes to the development of self-confidence.

In night camps, children have the opportunity to cooperate with other children. Through teamwork in activities such as fishing, karaoke, outdoor cinema, outdoor cooking and various other sports activities, children learn how to communicate, cooperate, share responsibilities and work as a team. This strengthens their social skills and ability to adapt to different groups of people.

Overnight camps provide children with the opportunity to get away from everyday responsibilities, electronics and the urban environment. This allows them to relax, dislocate from technology and spend free time in nature, which can have a beneficial effect on mental health, reducing stress and improving concentration.

Night camps for children offer a unique opportunity for adventure, learning and developing different skills. Through experiences in nature, children gain precious memories and develop in many ways, whether physically, emotionally or socially.