Welcome to our winery! Here you can discover our rich tradition and taste premium wines produced with our care and passion for winemaking.

Our winery is situated in a magnificent location surrounded by vineyards, making it an idyllic atmosphere for enjoying wines. Our sommeliers will showcase various types of wine, and provide insight into the wine production process. In our winery, you can participate in numerous activities such as wine tastings, vineyard tours, and grape harvesting. We also organize wine dinners with different dishes that complement our wines perfectly. If you are seeking something more than the usual tourist experience, a visit to our winery is an excellent choice.

Come and explore the world of wine with us!

The ranch owns a vineyard that is planted with selected varieties out of the love of one man for one woman who is fond of sweet wine notes.

The vineyard is located in the village Klokočevik, 5 minutes distance from the ranch. Klokočevik is known for the fact that even the ancient Romans planted their vineyards there, and produced their favourite drink – wine.

The soil of Klokočevik is very fertile due to the Panonnian Sea that prevailed in these areas. Also, our vineyard is located on the prominent 45th parallel, the most idyllic conditions for planting a vineyard.

Our vineyard covers 1.6 hectares, and 1.2 hectares are planted with 5,000 vines, of which there are 3,000 vines of Traminer, 1000 Welschriesling, and 1000 vines of Pinot Noir.

An interesting fact about the vineyard is that it extends through the famous 45.3rd parallel,
where world-renowned wine regions such as Piemont, Val du Rhone, Bordeaux, and Oregon are situated.

We sell our wines at the restaurant, but there is also the possibility of purchasing bottles.


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