Do you want an outdoor celebration in the beautiful nature that surrounds you?

Do you want to spend the weekend in the wonderful nature, away from the bustling city? Our ranch offers a gazebo rental for those wanting to enjoy the peace of the majestic surrounding nature.

Our gazebos are fully equipped and can host up to 20 people. They are equipped with a fireplace, grill, kitchen sink, beverage refrigerator, and an outdoor seating area.

The gazebo is situated in a splendid environment with abreath-taking scenery. In addition to renting a gazebo, you can enjoy numerous activities offered at our ranch such as fishing, horseback riding, hiking, biking, and detox of your mind and body.

Renting a gazebo is ideal for families, couples, or groups of friends who want to enjoy nature in a comfortable and relaxing environment. Additionally, our ranch offers other accommodation options, such as campsites and bungalows.

Come and visit us, and indulge in the beautiful scenery in our comfortable accommodation. Your complete comfort and relaxation are our top priority.

Gazebo with a fireplace, grill, and beverage refrigerator: €200,00

Feel free to contact us for any questions?