Meet the horse from the Ramarin Ranch

Sirius is the best friend of Pluto, and also a Trakehner; they are like two peas in a pod due to their inseparable bond.
Sirius is not only the largest horse but also the calmest, making him the perfect companion for the youngest of riders. Although his size can be intimidating, Sirius is our most dependable horse.
In fact, you may recognize Sirius for the fact that he was ridden by our famous footballer Mario Mandžukić.
The managers of the Ramarin Ranch – Marin and Rea – are astronomy enthusiasts, which inspired the names of our horses. Sirius,  the brightest star in the sky and a part of the Ursa Major constellation, is undoubtedly the most recognizable horse on our ranch. Sirius was foaled back in 2009, just two days after Pluto.

Foaled in 2012 at the ranch, Optimus is the most laid-back horse of the entire herd.
He’s not bothered by fire, water, noise, or any other form of teasing. We named him Optimus as we predicted that the robot of Elon Musk would be named Optimus in 2022, just as it is today. We are real visionaries.

While all the other horses start to run away, Optimus calmly turns his head and continues grazing. This is a peculiar behaviour because horses tend to solve fear with flight. Optimus is ridden by our youngest and oldest, making him the quintessential horse for all ages. Optimus is a horse for which you would say „He is the ideal horse for me”. He’s also a competitive horse and excels in endurance riding, having achieved impressive results in Croatia. As he matures, we’ll soon see Optimus on the European stage.

Orfej is Optimus’s baby brother and, as you can imagine, has quite similar character traits to his big brother. It would be difficult to determine who is the more laid-back one. Foaled at the ranch in 2013, Orfej is currently used for all types of riding apart from sports, as he finds it pointless when otherwise he can spend an hour at the ranch and the rest of the day in the pasture. Who wants to travel and compete, anyway?

Orfej bears the name after the mythological figure from the Greek mythology who is the main representative of art and music.

Po is the truest lady imaginable. She is 10 years old, a Trakehner, and was foaled in Garčin, at our ranch. She serves us mostly for strolling around the ranch as she is the most elegant horse of the herd. Like any lady, she adores compliments but does not need expensive things – carrots, apples, and even sweet and rind-free watermelons will satisfy her.

Omega was foaled in 2010 and she is a Trakehner.

To avoid giving the impression that all our horses are docile, we admit that Omega is anything but laid-back, which is why we use Omega exclusively for sports riding.
She has a fiery temperament, loves to run, and is affectionately called “a hot potato” in the equestrian community.

Omega competes in Croatia and across Europe, and her black coat gives her a mighty appearance. Omega is Marin`s favourite, who has been competing with her since 2015. In Greek mythology, Alpha and Omega symbolize the beginning and end. Omega’s numerical equivalent means “faith” and “master.”

Those that understand Omega, know that she is incredibly loyal and dependable for her rider. She loves having a master.

Shiraz is our most special horse; he knows what he wants, and no one can make him do otherwise. He’s extremely stubborn and relentless, which can be both good and nerve-wracking in sports. Shiraz is ridden by Rea and is her favourite horse. Shiraz is 11 years old and the brother of the most successful endurance horse in Croatia. We have great hopes for him and expect him to compete at the world championship in endurance riding one day. Due to his calm nature, he is sometimes used for terrain riding. Shiraz is named after the famous Syrah wine and just like the wine, he is getting better with age. Shiraz is an Arabian horse.

Bombaj, born in 1993, is our oldest horse at 30 years old.

He is the first horse that arrived at our ranch in 2007. He came from the Croatian police force, and can boast of keeping order at football matches, especially during major events on the Ban Jelačić Square. He has been retired for 6 years now and enjoys grazing on grass.

At first glance, Bombaj may not look his best, but bear in mind that he is a 120-year-old, as 1 human year equals 4 horse years. We all started learning to ride on him, our greatest teacher. Bombaj jumped over hurdles, walked through fire, and crossed large channels – in short, he was fearless. Bombaj is a Hungarian warmblood and originally comes from Hungary.

Pluto is our first foal, foaled in 2009, and bears the name of the former planet Pluto. Pluto is a Trakehner, a favourite of children and adults, and ideal for beginners due to his reliability.

Riki is the lively little devil, our pony, and the smallest horse, but extremely playful. He likes to tease us and is quite a sight. The youngest riders usually ride him. He sometimes acts like he weighs 700 kilograms and is 180 cm tall, even though (unfortunately for him) he weighs less than 200 kilograms and is probably only a meter tall. He is the horse version of the small dog barking at the big dog.

Forest is Shiraz’s brother and the gentleman at the ranch. He is 10 years old and is used for easy terrain walks. Similarly to our first Lady Po, he loves posing like a model and proudly showing off to everyone. He’s a bit clumsy, though, so he burns out in a desire to look his best.

Quenolina is an Anglo-Arab mare from Italy who joined us in 2015 from Milan. Foaled in 2009, and her name says it all – she’s a true queen. Quenolina is also the fastest horse at the ranch. In her early years, she participated in flat races.