Sport riding

Ramarin offers plenty of activities, but the top-notch horses of various breeds are what makes us stand out. We have Arabians and Trakehners.

Currently, we have 11 horses, and one of our greatest successes is the completion of the CEI3x 160 km race, and winning at numerous national championships and Croatia Cups.

To make a horse a top sports competition horse, a professional team of people surrounding it, perseverance, and many hours in the saddle are vitally important.

Sport riding is a wonderful sport that can be practiced at different levels. Depending on your experience and ambitions, you can compete at different levels, from local to international competitions.

This type of riding requires a lot of dedication, discipline and practice to achieve success. It is important to emphasize that in sport riding, the quality and health of the horse is as important as the ability of the rider.

There are three main disciplines in sport riding: show jumping, dressage and cross country.

Show jumping is probably the most famous discipline in sport riding. This discipline involves crossing obstacles on the track, which requires excellent control of the horse and precision of the rider. In addition, this sport requires excellent physical condition and strength of the riders, as they have to react quickly to different situations on the track.

Dressage is also a very popular discipline in sport riding. This discipline requires excellent control of the horse and precision of the rider. Rider and horse perform a series of exercises in a specific order, being judged on how accurate they are in performing each exercise. This discipline emphasizes harmony between rider and horse and helps develop fine motor skills in horses.

Endurance riding is a special discipline in which riders and horses compete in long outdoor races. This discipline requires the horse’s stamina and strength, as well as the rider’s patience and ability to take care of their horse during long races.

Sport riding can be a very demanding sport, but at the same time it is very exciting. This sport requires a lot of work and effort, but it can be very rewarding for rider and horse. For horse and sports lovers, sport riding can be an excellent activity that provides challenges and rewards discipline and commitment.